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Composite Fillings

The best way to keep your teeth healthy is with proper care and regular dental exams. Even with good oral health care, however, there may be times when a tooth develops a cavity.

When this happens, the decay must be removed so that the tooth stays healthy and strong. After the decay is removed, Dr. Williamson will fill the tooth to protect it and prevent decay from developing in the future.

The two most common types of fillings are silver-colored amalgam and composite resin, which is tooth-colored. If you have old amalgam fillings, you can see that they are very obvious because they don’t match the color of your teeth. Fillings made of amalgam also tend to get darker as they age.

Dr. Williamson prefers to use composite fillings because he only needs to remove a small portion of the tooth to place the filling. Composite fillings are also preferred by dentists and patients because they blend in with your natural teeth and do not affect the appearance of your smile.

Why Do I Need a Filling?

The most common reason for filling a tooth is because the tooth has developed a cavity. But there are other reasons why a composite may be used:

  • Restoring the appearance of chipped teeth
  • Changing the shape of irregular teeth
  • Closing small gaps between two teeth
  • Repairing cracked or broken teeth

What Is Involved in Getting a Composite Filling?

Dr. Williamson and our professional staff want you to get the important dental treatment you need, and we make it easy by using state-of-the-art technology for your comfort. Laser dentistry takes away the worry of drilling because it removes decayed material gently and with little or no discomfort. In fact, most patients don’t even need to have their teeth numbed because the laser is so gentle.

Once the decay is removed, we clean the tooth to prepare it for filling. The composite material is mixed to a shade that perfectly matches your natural teeth. The filling is then placed and hardened with a special light to bond it firmly to your tooth. Finally, the filling is carefully shaped and polished so that it looks natural and allows your teeth to fit together properly.

What Can I Expect After My Tooth Is Filled?

You may experience slight sensitivity or a difference in the way your teeth feel after the composite filling is placed. This is natural and will go away in a day or two. While composite fillings are very strong and durable, they may not last forever. You can help keep the tooth healthy and protect the filling by practicing good oral hygiene and making appointments at our Corpus Christi dental office for regular checkups.

Our professional team is dedicated to helping you keep your teeth healthy so that they last a long time. If you have a toothache and think you need a filling, contact our office right away so we can make sure you get exactly the treatment you need.

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