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Itero Digital Impressions

Our goal is to provide all our patients with the best quality dental care available. Keeping your teeth healthy is our top priority, and we do that by using state-of-the-art technology that provides excellent results and is comfortable for our patients. When you need a dental crown or bridge, we use iTero digital impressions to create the finest dental restoration possible.

Modern dental treatments are changing all the time, making our work more efficient and your treatment easier and more comfortable. Dr. Williamson wants you to have the best experience possible, and he does this by staying up-to-date with new dental technologies as they develop. His staff is specially trained to use the latest equipment and treatments so you can be sure that the whole professional team at our Corpus Christi, TX dentist office is providing you with quality dental care.

What Are Digital Impressions?

Any time you need a restoration like a dental crown or bridge, we start by taking an impression of your teeth. If you have ever had a dental impression taken, you probably remember your dentist using a bulky metal tray that held sticky pink paste. You had to bite down on the plate and wait uncomfortably until the paste set and could be separated from your teeth. If the results were not accurate, the whole process had to be repeated. Digital impressions completely do away with the need for this uncomfortable process.

How do Digital Impressions Work?

Dr. Williamson prepares your teeth as he normally would for a crown or bridge. He then uses a small handheld scanning device to take 3-D pictures of your teeth. Dr. Williamson views the image on a computer screen while he scans your teeth so he can make adjustments and get precise results quickly and with less discomfort for you. The image is sent electronically to the lab where a finished crown or bridge is created. The result is a restoration that is very detailed, accurate, and fits perfectly.

We believe that our use of new technology gives our patients the best dental care available today. Each visit to our office is comfortable and pleasant, so you can feel good about looking after your own dental health. Keeping up with regular dental checkups is the easiest and best way to avoid more serious problems with your teeth in the future.

If you need dental treatment, please contact our office to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our friendly team of professionals will be happy to welcome you and make sure you get the dental treatment that fits your needs and schedule.

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